At EA Attorneys we look at East Africa strong upcoming Economic Region and we set our focus to facilitate Business in the region to prosper with our guidance. Our name Initials EA... stands for the region. We help business entities achieve their goals and manage their risks, and we can resolve most problems that may come up along the way or at least warn the client on possible risk that are beyond our control. For established business, we conduct business analysis and set in our expertise to ensure a sense of security and profitability. we can provide advice on business formations, leases, terms and conditions, outsourcing, risk management, purchase and supply agreements, internet technology, protecting your intellectual property rights, and licensing and competition issues.

We act as Partner in running clients business efficiently, and protect their position in organizing their trading relationships with their customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Clients can consider us to be not only great lawyers, but also great project managers. We go beyond just providing legal advice; we give you pragmatic business solutions from a business perspective.
Let us hear from you if you wish us to assist your business’ requirements in more detail, please contact us for a free consultation by email on If you do not hear from us for at least 48hr then please call us on +255 769 605 314.
  At EA Attorneys we understand that corporate structures have unique requirements. We have a unique set of skills that can help you meet those requirements. We are here to help, with a skill set geared towards advising on ownership and control, management structure, board composition, shares, articles of incorporation, foreign corporation, different legal structures, naming rights, and dissolution. And with expertise in providing tailored agreements and paperwork to perfectly assist your business, we are the corporate lawyers you need.
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  Most business wonder when it comes to understanding how regulatory and governmental bodies works, ranging from tax investigations to investigations into anti-competitive trade practices, across a range of sectors, from banking, Insurance to corporate, you can trust us to guide your organization throughout the regulatory process. Our lawyers have local regional and international expertise in acting for client's interest, at all times, for regulatory bodies as well as protecting your business.
To discuss how we can assist your business, Please contact us for a free consultation. Call us on +255 769 605 314 or Email:
  We provides our services to corporate clients as well as individuals in respect of employment and industrial relations law including but not limited to the following ; Advising clients by helping them create the specific documents their business needs when employing staff, making staff redundant, assisting an employee with poor performance, illness, absence from work. We would reduce risks your business may face for breaches of employment law in the recruitment, retention, or termination, processes.
  EA Attorneys extends Advises to its clients on tax issues such as VAT, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Taxes, Custom and Excise Duties, Stamp Duty, Levy and other Charges. We also are attending to various tax dispute applications and appeals before the Tax Revenue Appeals Board, Tribunal and Court of Appeal.

EA Attorneys understands the regional market needs hence it is quite easy to relate that to what type of insurance your organization needs a we have expertise. Also, we know the limitations and terms involved in securing the loans. In this case we assist our clients reach and sign favorable contractual terms.

You may find your organization in the middle of dispute simply because you failed to understand and negotiate with your banker, insurer or Tax authority the terms of your Loan, insurance or abide with tax laws holistically and lawfully in advance.
  At EA Attorneys, we provide services to interested investors in the mining sector in the region of East Africa. We assist foreign investors to initiate corporate presence in East Africa and to obtain licenses, also, we assist in negotiating mining agreements, conducting corporate and assets due diligences for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions and finally we assist clients to be listed on overseas stock exchange.
  EA Attorneys offers to its client's services on applications for trademarks and patents, involving contentious and non-contentious work, e.g. licensing and franchising, trademark infringement, passing off and opposition proceedings copyright and design right, confidential information disputes and protection. In addition, above that, we provided services to commercial and private clients in a wide range of transactions involving real property. The services are like; conveyance, mortgages of land, leases and title opinions and title actions etc.

Despite the fact that we are specialized in the above-mentioned practice areas, we are composed of members with experiences in corporate, commercial, finance and dispute resolution lawyers, all with extensive experience in a dedicated client's sector. We also work outside our comfort zone to suit our client's interest.
To discuss how we can assist your business; Please contact us for a free consultation. Call us on +255 769 605 314 or Email:
  EA Attorneys takes advantage of shared knowledge of its (consortium advocates) members from local and international jurisdiction, thus our Litigation Department is able to offer wide-ranging advice and representation specifically in East and Sothern Africa. Our practice includes but is not limited to Public and Administrative, Civil, Commercial, Labor, Tax, Environmental, Tort and Criminal Litigation.
  Tanzania is an active and dynamic marketplace for foreign investment in areas such as Tourism, Mining, Agricultural industries and conservation, as well as in other ventures. The peaceful environment and its loving people are among the successful factors why investors chose this country in promoting direct investments, and as a result there are a number of incentives and facilities put in place for serious investors, particularly through its tax holiday regime. Tanzania also has signed number trade agreements with various countries, including the United States of America (AGOA), COMESA, East Africa community, the European Union and China. Our firm has ample capabilities and knowledge of all of these regimes, and is able to offer high level of advice to our clients in order to maximize the advantages of each and all of these trade agreements and existing investment regimes.
  EA Attorneys provides Critical information on properties development projects involving housing purchase as well as land acquisition both small scale as well as large scale . Our specialized office in real estate is able to provide firsthand knowledge and advice on the different portfolios of properties available in the country, along with a throughout analysis on the history of any property.